Asociaciones Agroindustriales Serranas recently participated in the Exporters SME Meeting of the Pacific Alliance, which took place on November 8th and 9th, 2022, in Lima, Peru.

This event brought together small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) from the member countries of the Pacific Alliance, which includes Chile, Colombia, Mexico, and Peru. The objective was to discuss their business models, explore the mechanisms for leveraging the Pacific Alliance Trade Protocol, and provide a diverse space for dialogue among the attendees.

Serranas Presentation

During this meeting, Serranas had the opportunity to participate in Panel 2, which focused on automation and new technologies for exporting SMEs. Additionally, Mr. Gabriel Barreda Ortega discussed relevant topics for the regional business sector, such as technological infrastructure and its importance for the benefit of communities in southern and southeastern Mexico. He also highlighted the use of cellular technology to leverage agricultural surfaces and design an early warning system for pests and diseases.

The presence of Serranas at the Pacific Alliance summit demonstrates its commitment to international trade, its interest in new business opportunities in the region, and its desire to expand sales channels. Serranas aims to strengthen its presence in the member countries of the Pacific Alliance and contribute to the economic and agroindustrial development of the region.